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Carolyn Worsley

Carolyn Worsley is the Executive Assistant to the Executive Director at Nash Edgecombe Wilson Community Action, Inc. She is a skillful administrative professional using quasi-gatekeeper sensibilities to adeptly handle daily requests. Carolyn Worsley’s tenure in this role is preceded by a growing knowledge of agency operations gained from previous positions at NEW, Inc. Her unrivaled organizational skills are as impressive as her wit and charm.


Carolyn graduated from Edgecombe Community College in Tarboro, North Carolina with an Diploma in Accounting and Fayetteville State University in Fayetteville, North Carolina with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Through the achievement of these academic goals and the relentless pursuit of professional ones, too, her career path has included job opportunities in various corporate environments before ultimately landing in non-profit. NEW, Inc. and all beneficiaries of Carolyn Worsley’s time and talent are better for it.


Carolyn is a nurturer and caregiver at heart. When she is not engrossed in the safekeeping of others, Carolyn is making space and time to discover the many options to enjoy self-care.

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