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Darrell Davis

Darrell Davis is the Human Resources Director at Nash Edgecombe Wilson Community Action, Inc. After 24 years as a Senior Military Leader, he delved into civilian roles bolstered by Army training. Darrell Davis embodies a disciplined presence at NEW, Inc. that makes even the littlest ones who occasionally catch a glimpse of him stand taller.


Military service plays a significant role in development. Formation emanates from the training opportunities and certifications it includes. To these accomplishments, he also adds formal academic training. Darrell Davis graduated from Albany State University in Albany, Georgia with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and Webster University in Charleston, South Carolina with a Master of Arts in Management and Leadership. The grooming to date comes together in the keen eyes on leadership skills Darrell Davis brings to talent management, compliance, training, and development.


Darrell’s soundtrack to morphing into a leadership force is inspired by the musical prowess of Michael Jackson. Catch this super fan singing and moonwalking any given day to favorite songs.

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