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Julius Moody

Julius Moody is the Housing and Urban Development Director at Nash Edgecombe Wilson Community Action, Inc. Previously, he served as the agency’s Community Service Block Grant Director. Succession between these roles evidences his increasing subject matter expertise. Consequently, Julius Moody is positioned to address challenges and meet the expectation for housing continuity of services for clients served by NEW, Inc.

Julius Moody graduated from the University of Maryland at College Park with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. Professional experience accrued with progressive levels of leadership in local government positions rooted in securing safe, affordable housing. From the urban areas of Maryland to the District of Columbia, Julius Moody helped clients transition to stable households and communities. Now he brings the skills honed and developed outside North Carolina to the counties served by NEW, Inc. to continue contributing in similar ways.

Julius’ passion for his chosen vocation is matched by an interest in the arts. He is a talented vocalist and actor with an equally impressive capacity to entertain audiences.

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